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the Italians and the Web

In the first part of the course, students were asked to identify a specific topic related to the impact of digital technologies on Italian society.

In this first part, they worked using only official sources (e.g. istat, eurostat), applying statistical analyses to gather a clearer picture of the phenomena. Finally, each group realized a single-page website to visually communicate the results.


How the web concernes influences the daily life of Italian user?

Francesco Padovani
Lucia Pellegrini
Elisa Riva
Rodolfo Riva
Marco Saporiti
Irene Tribuzio

Francesco Padovani, Lucia Pellegrini, Elisa Riva, Rodolfo Riva, Marco Saporiti, Irene Tribuzio


Documenting the digital literacy void in the Bel Paese

Nicolò Arena
Claudio Fabbro
Alessandro Malcotti
Marta Mandile
Anita Righetto

Nicolò Arena, Claudio Fabbro, Alessandro Malcotti, Marta Mandile, Anita Righetto


The digital information world

Luca Alberton
Marta Ambrosetti
Cecilia Della Longa
Giulia De Rossi
Valeria Quircio

Luca Alberton, Marta Ambrosetti, Cecilia Della Longa, Giulia De Rossi, Valeria Quircio

Don't Fear .it

Who's afraid of the Internet?

Nicoletta Bruno
Martina Cocco
Sara Perozzi
Jacopo Pompilii
Andrea Tagliabue

Nicoletta Bruno, Martina Cocco, Sara Perozzi, Jacopo Pompilii, Andrea Tagliabue

From Gov to E-Gov

Why it does not work in Italy?

Marianna Caserta
Francesca Casnati
Chiara Cingottini
Giulia Sonzogni
Ilaria Tedoldi

Marianna Caserta, Francesca Casnati, Chiara Cingottini, Giulia Sonzogni, Ilaria Tedoldi

Italian Seeds

Socio-demographic analysis about P2P users in Italy

Francesco Bianchi
Luca Bonfanti
Luca Ferrario
Roberta Rosina
Giulia Zoccarato

Francesco Bianchi, Luca Bonfanti, Luca Ferrario, Roberta Rosina, Giulia Zoccarato

Redefining Italian Commonplaces

Italian regions and the use of Internet

Roberto Catanese
Daniele De Pietri
Enrica Lo Cicero
Ludovica Lorenzelli
Cecilia Nuñez

Roberto Catanese, Daniele De Pietri, Enrica Lo Cicero, Ludovica Lorenzelli, Cecilia Nuñez

Can we talk about digitalyzation?

An Italian short story about Online Public Administration

Alessio Candido
Susanna Castelli
Marco Colombo
Agnese Cunsolo
Giorgia Volinia

Alessio Candido, Susanna Castelli, Marco Colombo, Agnese Cunsolo, Giorgia Volinia