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DensityDesign F.S.S. 2018/2019

Opiate of the masses

A project by Luisa Cadelli, Yixiao Cai, Eleonora Cappuccio, Francesca Grignani, Paolo Vernocchi, Zhixuan Xiao

It’s called ‘opioid epidemic’ but how much people are actually aware of it and its dangerousness? Affecting the U.S population for about 20 years now, the problem is getting more and more attention, not only by governmental agencies or health institutions but also by people. And this is where we put our focus. What is the imaginary around the topic in the U.S. pop culture. What is possible for people to find on the internet? What can they see? How are people reacting to it? What do they say, what do they share? These are some of the questions we asked ourselves and we’re trying here to give an answer by analysing those domains that has an image-based character. What can people see on Tv series, what can they share on Instagram or tell on Youtube? But not only. What can they find on Google or Wikipedia? How can they get informed? Do they get enough material to actually know what the risks of taking prescription opioids? Is there a growing awareness?

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