In the last phase, students turn part of the research carried out in the previous phase into discursive communication artifacts that expose, show or make known the critical aspects of the subjects researched to a specific audience. To this end, the aim is to design communication artifacts that invite the public to reflect and act on the explored subjects.

Students reflect on the meaning and agency of "the public", how different groups mobilize around various issues and how data can play a central role in the process of forming publics, and they are also encouraged to recognize the political role that their design practices play with technology and how they impact on society.

The result of the phase is an experimental digital artifact that can be used by a specific audience to act on the topic.

Group 1


Paying attention to details matters

Della Pepa Gabriele, Febres Medina Andrea, Ghio Caterina, Granzotto Francesca, Rondi Paola, Stefani Elena

Nowadays visual mis- and disinformation spread through Social Networks and online news sources. Doublecheck is a quiz that shows how difficult it is to recognize whether an image is reliable or not and the importance to analyze every image both in its content and in its context.

Group 2


Investigating, exposing and acting against privacy breaches in security cameras.

Cristina Pita da Veiga, Evansha Agrawal, Guilherme Appolinario, Maria Almeida, Natalia Malaver, Rebeca Vittorazo

Security cameras are everywhere and breaches in them is a rising issue. How would you feel knowing someone unknown is watching your camera? The project aims to inform and warn the audience by unveiling the process of tracing camera location and who and what they are surveilling.

Group 3

Memetic Warfare Archive

The weaponization of memes through the last times most important socio-political events

Valentina Caiola, Davide Formenti, Riccardo Fuccelli, Diego Morra, Francesco Mugnaini, Andrea Pronzati

Propaganda has been a tool that allowed governments to persuade people to believe in different ideas through ages. Today propaganda can be melted with a psychological warfare based on the propagation of memes on social medias and the gears of this machine are quite invisible.

Group 4

Setjetters United

Don't watch a movie. Live it.

Beatrice Bazzan, Allegra Colombo, Martina Giordano, Gianluca Misto, Ludovica Piro, Irina Stojsic

People going to visit movie or TV series' locations bring a growth in tourism, but they can also have a negative impact on the environment and residents. Since they aren’t meant to be tourist places, they are not prepared for the masses of people and their peculiar behaviours.

Group 5

Law of the jungle

Who will survive?

Antonella Autuori, Agnese Bartolucci, Elena Catani, Mattia Cittadino, Anna Gazza, Barbara Vanoli

Instagram proposes itself as an open-minded platform, but through the use of policies about nudity, it denies its users' freedom of expression. Our communication aim is to inform, making the users reflect: which vision of our society do we have according Instagram policies?

Group 6

Before You Fly

Raise awareness for drone related laws and regulations in LA, USA.

Di Wu, Xuan Zhang, Xushan Li, Shaomin Niu, Chenghsin Chen, Mengxue Jin

Drone is becoming increasingly common in the consumer market. However, many drone owners are not aware of its basic laws and regulations. Our goal is to inform and raise awareness about the regulations of drone flying for the owners.

Group 7

The Justified Archive

Justifications lie between face and body modifications apps and their users

Bettini Matteo, Cremonesi Teresa, Enache Alexandru, Lombardi Giovanni, Pagano Valentina, Ren Pengyuan

What's our relationship with face and body modification apps? Debatable apps' claims and users' reviews were extracted, decontextualized and organized into an archive, in order to provide insights and deepen the understanding of this new global phenomenon.

Group 8

Deepfake Lab

Unraveling the mystery around deepfakes

Andrej Cattaneo, Ivana Riva, Noura Sammoura, Maria del Pilar Suarez Anzorena, Arthur van der Werf, Yueling Wu

Deepfakes have left their traces all around us. Have you been enchanted by the magic of the algorithm? This website communicates the hands-on knowledge gained from our experiments and brings deepfakes closer to you.

Group 9

Can you break up with a dating app?

Watch the experiences of five people who wanted to delete their accounts on different dating apps

Lucia Maria Emilia Ferrari, Mariam Kozbar, Zina Nadery, Kira Pyatakova, Situ Yuming, Xu Mengting

Online dating services allow you to connect with new people over the internet to develop personal, romantic or sexual relationships. If at some point you decide to delete your account, prepare for a frustrating experience: dating apps really don’t want you to leave!

Group 10

Welcome to City X

Encounter facial recognition being a normal commuter in a high-tech city. It's time to get up, to begin your regular but a new day!

City X is an over populated metropolis in China. This research aims to analyze & engage the western public about complex & controversial social issues of facial recognition through the analysis of data contents by designing a behavioral map of a person's daily activity line.