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Ever seen Greta Thunberg as a saint in a byzantine mosaic ?

And Rick and Morty fighting the Amazon forest fire ?

How about a polar bear sunbathing in Honolulu ?

These pictures were made with text to image Ai, a groundbreaking artificial intelligence that is able to generate images from text.

These systems are commonly believed to be efficient, neutral and objective.

Little did you know that txt-to-img Ai has massive problems with racism, sexism, and stereotypes.

Machines aren’t magically made from dust, they are created by humans who pass onto them all the issues present in society and culture.

Unfortunately, there’s no way we can expect this phenomenon to slow down, but we tried to get something good out of it.

We exposed climate change biases that society
hands down to AI by repurposing the AI itself
as a tool for analysis.

We used Stable Diffusion, an open source Ai to gather hundreds of Ai generated images about climate change.

By studying them we got insights on how the machine works and traced out the way we are teaching Ai to visualize this topic.

Eye to AI allows to explore this perspective on AI imagery through two approaches.

Bias catalogue shows an odd collection of AI generated biases.

Prompt explorer links these biases to the prompts that originated them.