With this visualization we would like to investigate which where the isis video spread online and which ones interested people the most. The first element is represented by the color, indicating different censorship levels, while the second one is shown by the lines sorted by Google Ranking.

Integral video as it was pubblished by terrorist groups Video modified using blur, pixel distortion, black box on sensitive contents Video fades to black before execution scene. Videos reporting the news through original video screenshots. Videos reporting the news using pictures of the victim or its relatives. Videos containing other information that cannot be considered an official news. Video removed or wrong domain. UNCENSORED OBSCURED CUTTED VIDEO FRAME GENERAL IMAGE OTHER UNAVAILABLE

The second visualization comes from the same dataset but focuses on the websites’ typology and name, showing for each one what kind of videos were published.

What we found interesting after the analysis was that often people click more on uncensored videos that appear at the top of the charts. Secondly, we can identify a precise association between websites and typology of content published, to understand where the different videos come from.


excel queriesdefinition excel google videoadvanced search googletrends 1. manual scraping— peter kassig was removedsince the original video was not available 2. identifying the video typologies— uncensored video— obscured— cutted— video frame— general picture— other— unavailable 3. creation of a DATABASE 2 containing— ranking— query— site domain— site typology— censorship level— url 1. advanced options— incognito search— english— 50 results illustrator corpusdefinition visualization 8 queries— james foley execution— steven sotloff execution— david haines execution— herve gourdel beheading— peter kassig execution— jordan pilot execution— coptic christians execution— ethiopian christians execution from DATABASE 1events related queries > 348 results HOW TO READ: website terminal software tool corpusdefinition visualization networkdefinition data-sourcedefinition queriesdefinition
1. Queries definition

From Google Trends we got the queries to search the execution videos on the Web. In particular we downloaded all the related queries to the executions and selected the best one to find contents on Google.

2. Corpues definition

We used Google Video Advanced Search to download the first 50 results for each query/event. We decided to search in Google since we would like to understand both which were the videos spread and which ones interested the people the most. After the download we scraped manually the videos, erasing the Peter Kassig event, since there weren't contents about it, and classified all the video for censorship typology.


Timestamp: 01/12/2016 - 05/12/2016

Data source: Google Trend, Google video advanced search

The .xls file contains the urls from video research sorted by growing rank. The data are organized in 5 columns containing: research queries for each event, site domain, site typology (news, video platform, blog), censorship legend (followed by a legend spreadsheet) and the url itself.