The visualization represents the amount of comments for censored and uncensored discussions on reddit. Each square is a comment that connects through a line to a topic. The colors are associated to different emotions, as reported in the “how to read” legend. We would like to show an overview of the general amount of each emotions, as the following chart briefly explain, but also explain each precise connection.

censored uncensored 74 comments 106 comments anger sadness disgust neutral fear

The topics are then organized in cluster to easily understand the thematic field of the comment. Moreover, the bar chart shows how many replies each comments received from 0 to 1300, in order to visualize how much debate each comment generated.


from DATABASE 5creating DATABASE 6 adding— censorship level— comments level— ranking— comments text— upvotes— cluster— emotions— n.replies excel corpusdefinition illustrator visualization HOW TO READ: website terminal software tool corpusdefinition visualization networkdefinition data-sourcedefinition queriesdefinition
1. Corpus definition

The corpus was made adding some data to the dataset 5. In particular we clustered the comments in emotions (fear, anger, sadness, disgust, neutral) and topics. The amount of data was increased, and after the creation of the dataset 6, we visualized the information.


Timestamp: 12/12/2016 – 19/12/2016

Data source: Reddit

The .xls file consists on a Database 5 improvement. We added 2 columns for: emotions and the amount of replies for each comment.