The visualization shows how the reactions to the isis video change over the time on different platforms. In particular we analyzed two reddit pages, censored and not and two video platforms for censored and uncensored videos. What we found interesting was the trend created by the /r/worldnews that shows a different amount of reactions over the years on different video-news.

09/2014 — Sotloff 10363 09/2014 — Gourdel 1194 02/2015 — Pilot 9389 02/2015 — Coptic 84 04/2015 — Ethiopian 489 09/2014 — Haines 6396 08/2014 — Foley 14958 r/worldnews

Moreover, the jordan pilot-case was the one with more balanced amount of reactions on different platforms: /r/worldnews, /r/watchpeopledie, youtube, zerocensorship.

r/worldnews 9389 Youtube 1468 r/watchpeopledie 1179 Zerocensorship 738 Jordan Pilot — 02/2015


indentifying two subreddit— /r/ worldnews— /r/ watchpeopledie reddit data sourcedefinition excel youtubeliveleakzerocensorhip finding of the same videocensored and uncensored DATABASE 4 creation— events— 1 n.comments r/worldnews— 2 n.comments r/watchpeopledie— 3 n.comments censored sites— 4 n.comments uncensored sites— 1 link— 2 link_ 3 link— 4 link illustrator visualization corpusdefinition HOW TO READ: website terminal software tool corpusdefinition visualization networkdefinition data-sourcedefinition queriesdefinition
1. Data-Source definition

This research step focused on the analysis of the audience reaction to the video-news, censored and not. For this reason we used to understand which was the best US platform to analyze the debate. The result was, where we identified two specific and popular subreddits, to observe the reactions. The subreddits were /r/worldnews and /r/watchpeopledie, respectively for censored and uncensored news. We also decided to analyze the reaction to the video platforms where the videos were published, in particular Youtube, Liveleak and Zerocensorship.

2. Corpus definition

The corpus was an Excel dataset containing the number of comments for each website and the related url.


Timestamp: 06/12/2016 – 12/12/2016

Data source: Alexa, Reddit, Youtube, Liveleak, Zerocensorship

The .xls file is composed by a row for each event and 8 columns containing: the amount of comments for selected subreddits, the amount of comments for other sites (categorized by censored and uncensored), one colum for links to the sites.