By Manli Zhu, Simone Casartelli, Xiaoxi Huang, Xuechun Zhao,
Yue Qiu

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The Nuclear Power Debate is a long-running controversy about the risks and benefits of using nuclear reactors to generate electricity for civilian purposes. Proponents advance the notion that nuclear power produces virtually no air pollution, in contrast to the massive amount of pollution and carbon emission generated from burning Fossil fuel like coal, oil and natural gas. Opponents contend that reactors themselves are enormously complex machines where many things can go wrong, and there have been many serious nuclear accidents.

The United States and China are two very important states in the spread of nuclear power over the past decade. USA is the nation with more active nuclear power plants, their reactors age is the oldest compared to the others reactors around the world, but they haven’t new plant to build new reactors. On the other hand China is one of the top nation in Asia for number of reactors operating, their reactors age is youngest of the entire world and more reactors will be built very soon. There are almost 20 reactors under construction that will be realized over the next few years.

Starting from these two countries, and their controversy on the Nuclear Power topic, we wanted to analyze the different behaviors, and explore if in some way the public opinion of Nuclear Power is different.

research roadmap

Nuclear Reactor Ages Analysis USAOldest Nuclear Reactors ChinaYoungest Nuclear Reactors Finding Debate MediaAnalysis SearchIndex What are the debates involved in the nuclear power topic in China and USA? 1. Did China and USA have interest about nuclear reactors at the same specific period of time? 2. Is there a relationship between the search index for nuclear reactors and their location? 3. Who reported relevantly news about nuclear reactors in these two countries? 4. What kind of articles are used to talk about nuclear reactors? 5. What are the recurring topics in the news carried out by the Chinese and American media?Is there any relationship? 6. Which kind of images were used by Chinese and American media in particular times? 7. 8. Which kind of elements attractmore readers? What are the emotions of the comments about news in particular time? 9.