By Elena Aversa, Alessandra Bufano, Yi Cui, Xiu Huiting,
Francesca Morini, Yidan Sun

The uncertain path

The public debate about North Korea has always been strongly polarized by politics and international diplomacy. since the rise of the North Korean regime (1950s) under Kim Il-sung. Today with a tense conversation going on between Kim Jong-Un, the young north korean leader, and the neo-elected president of the United States Donald Trump, this polarization is even more rooted. Nuclear war, political and economical unbalances hide one urgent social problem: the great numbers of defections from North Korea and the increasing amount of human rights violations inside the country. Defectors flow is an individual phenomenon, difficult to be read in general terms.
On one hand this is due to the strong censorship of the North Korean and Chinese government, on the other hand the perceived pressure of a possible nuclear war push Western media to narrate a different story, one about bombs and armies. Is there a mediatic space where the North Korean defection is narrated? How do Western and Chinese media depict those people? In which way those stories are telled? To answer those kind of questions we decided to analyze different type of devices and contents, from news, to videos and cultural artifacts.

research roadmap

roadmapsvg Goodreads and Books: what are therecurring topics? Who are the autors and what is their relationship to the books ratings? Considering the whole production what do the books have in common? Considering the most rated books how do the readers feel about it? Googlenews and Baidu News: what are the different sources talking about? Are there recurring words and common storylines between different topics? What kind of images are used to talk about defectors? Ho w does the inte rest about north kor ea ev olve thr ought time ? Who is involved in the North Korean debate and what are they talking about? When the research query is rifined whatkind of contents arepreferred from the user? BOOKS VIDEOS NEWS FOCUS How can the first research method be automatized in order to be more reliable? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 12 Analyzing the most commented categories how do people feel about it? Youtube, Baidu and Bilibili: to which category do the videos about North Korean defectors belong? Which sources are mainly sharing those kind of videos and how do they relate to categories? Analyzing the most viewed categories whatdo people preferto watch?