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Final Synthesis Studio

In the 2017/2018 edition of the Final Synthesis Studio we asked the students to use information visualization both as an analytical and a communicative tool, to observe, understand, shape and communicate complex phenomena. In the first part of the course, the students had to find and collect data from official sources relevant to their topic (open data from governments, scientific papers, etc…) so they could get a first grasp of the depth and complexity of these issues. The result is a series of visualizations that represented a general overview of the topic, seen with the eyes of the “official” sources.

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Gender inequality

Automation and AI

The Driverless Race

Automation and AI



US Hate

Climate change

Energy Revolution

Gender inequality - The EU gender gap in the professional world

The gender gap is based on the differences between women and men, especially reflected in social, political, intellectual or economic perspectives. In this website we analyzed the gender gap in the professional world in the EU,focusing on some factors: education, working hours, household duties, how the salary varies in different jobs and in particular STEM. The infographic shows which is the best country in EU to be a professional woman, according to the employment rate and the pay gap.

Chiara Dardani, Zara Elmi, Marta Morandi, Sina Ranjbar, Natalia Rosso

The Driverless Race

Self-driving cars are soon going to become reality and bring the biggest revolution in transports humanity has ever witnessed. The Driverless Race aims to analyze official reports, research papers and business resources to keep track of this dynamic and extremely competitive landscape. The stacks are huge in the game and the players are challenging themselves as they try to overcome legislative, technological and ethical issues in order to bring driverless cars into our everyday life.

Barbara Bonadies, Giulia Cosentino, Katarina Radovic, Katherin Martinez, Giovan Battista Pesarini, Katarina Radovic

How Neutral is the Net

The Internet is born as an equal connection system, providing access to online contents. Every website has always had an equal treatment in order to allow indiscriminate access to online contents. But, service providers have recently tried to influence access to the web contents, violating the Neutrality of the web. We started collecting data about the Internet connection and the Internet plans to discover the background of the controversy. Then, we focused on Zero Rating, that is one of the most common Net Neutrality violations in Europe.

Maria Ludovica Forziano, Xue He, Yunxing Liu, Chiara Piva, Ginevra Terenghi

REPLACING. Artificial Intelligence and the future of jobs

Recent developments in robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are driving the world to what is now called “the fourth industrial revolution”. What will be the future of jobs? Will machines replace humans? our analysis started from this questions. We tried to identify in what ways new technologies are going to impact on global workforce, considering the potential automation of employees and relative wages. We went deeper in the analysis of United States’ workforce, trying to understand what sectors of the economy are going to be affected most by technological changing, considering also the technical feasibility of the automation. And finally, what people think about this revolution?

Matteo Testa, Matteo Sacchi, Irina Kasatkina, Giorgio Falvo, Nicolas Attolico

US Hate

Hatred is considered a concrete and dangerous social phenomenon in the United States. It has a physical and more readable manifestation through hate crimes, those criminal offenses motivated by the offenders’ bias against a race or national origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation, but it also has an ideological space of diffusion: the hate groups, hate-spreading associations diffused all-over the territory. Because of this, social hate is a much debated phenomenon, but it still has many obscure points: how is it growing? When was it born? What are its objectives? What are the most affected areas? We’re going to uncover them.

Silvia Castagna, Maria Girasoli, Davide Modanese, Marianna Piazza, Caterina Scarioni

Energy Revolution

Over the past 30 years, significant findings regarding global warming highlighted the need to curb carbon emissions.The main cause of global warming is the increased emission of so-called greenhouse gases, in particular, carbon dioxide (chemical symbol CO2). Our energy consumption has increased year by year. The use of low-carbon energy is an important means to mitigate climate change. In this website, we analyzed different kinds of energy focussing our attention on nuclear energy situation.

Manli Zhu, Simone Casartelli, Xiaoxi Huang, Xuechun Zhao, Yue Qiu

People of NO Land - North Korean Migration

North Korea economic and political conditions have prompted migration flows to other countries, especially South Korea and China. Little has been said about the different types of migration flows within, to, and from North Korea. The research starts showing data about the number of migrants based on official migration dataset and reports. The work depicts the journey of the migrants from a general point of view to a more specific one, trying to understand their life condition after the escape.

Elena Aversa, Alessandra Bufano, Yi Cui, Xiu Huiting, Francesca Morini, Yidan Sun