By Maria Ludovica Forziano, Xue He, Yunxing Liu,
Chiara Piva, Ginevra Terenghi

Affected by Neutrality

The debate on Net Neutrality takes place on a particular background. To date, a lot of people who daily use Internet do not know what Net Neutrality is and what the effects of the politicians’ decisions, that could change the Internet use, are. Differently, a few number of people aware of the topic are really involved in fighting for what they call “Free Internet”. In their opinion, the Internet must be opened with an equal access. On the opposite position, some Government and Telecom companies are trying to overtake the network Neutrality to uphold the costs of development. During the last year, a lot of events, happened in the United States under Trump administration, have influenced the whole world point of view on this subject. The new Federal Communications Commission chairman, Ajit Pai, is changing the Net Neutrality rules previously released with the agreement of the majority. Because of that, a lot of people and companies are taking position in the debate. Reading the news about the controversy, we focused on some names that are mentioned both to support and to violate the Neutrality. So, which is their actual position? The public opinion is lined up in favour of the Neutrality. What is the interest of people related to the topic? Where people are more interested in? Which events cause their attraction? We start this Second Phase trying to understand how the people and the companies are involved and trying to investigate if the interest is real or apparent. So, who takes care to Net Neutrality?

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