By Valeria Aufiero, Andrea Benedetti, Alessia Bissolotti, Simone Costagliola, Beatrice Gobbo

The Trump Effect
on Climate Change

Climate change is a topic that was vastly discussed through the years all around the world. The international discussion revolved around meetings and conferences, but in the last two years the figure of Donald Trump rose and questioned many of the last events revolving around climate change.

While the Paris Agreement, an international accord with the aim to limit greenhouse gas emissions in the coming years, was being ratified and the 22nd Conference of Parties was being held in Morocco, Donald Trump, who said many times that he didn’t believe in climate change, was elected as president of the United States.

Did Donald Trump’s election had an impact on the discussion around the human causes on climate change and on the international debate about the topic?

Starting from 2016, the analysis was soon extended to the two previous years, 2015 and 2014, in order to better understand how the subject developed through time. For each year was considered the same trimester, the end of the election campaign, from September to November.

research roadmap

1.Did the interest about climate changespike in any particular time? 2.How is the debate articulatedand how did it evolve through time? 3.Who are the most relevant providersof news about climate change? 4.Who were the providers talking about in the last three years? 5.What were the providers showingwhen talking about climate change? 6.How are the major actors portrayedby the news providers? 7.How is Donald Trump portrayed in the news from 2016? 8.What is shown about what Trumpsays regarding climate change? 9.What is shown beside Donald Trumpin the provider's videos? Who did the providers financeduring the 2016 elections? What kind of visualizations wereused to illustrate climate change? What were the most used slogansduring climate change protests? 2014, 2015 and 2016comparison Focus on 2016 1. confirmationsection 2. debate evolution 3. focus on trump